1. The one thing we know for sure, upon inquiring, is that we are aware, and are aware that we are aware. We are already whole, but have merely overlooked this fact due to years of conditioning. We do not need fixing or improving. The only thing that needs to be done is to release the inner blocks (resistance) to the experience of our True Nature.
  2. Whatever we resist persists. In the degree that we can embrace, allow, or welcome our experience just the way it is, as best we can, discomfort and suffering on all levels will dissolve .
  3. We have no control over things that happen in our lives, but we can choose whether  to respond or react to them.
  4. Nothing means anything in and of itself – neither good or bad.
  5. Be grateful for EVERYTHING.
  6. We are nothing but Awareness, all else is habitual conditioning.
  7. Accepting and allowing things to be as they are allows us to change the things we can from a non-emotional, centred place (True Nature).
  8. Minding one’s own business!
  9. Would you rather be right, or be at peace?
  10. Feel and experience everything fully without judgement. When we get into the emotion of a feeling we are judging it as either good or bad and thus are unable to experience it fully.
  11. Everybody’s doing the best they can.