You are Awareness itself!

Ask yourself this question, “What is the one thing I know for sure? What is the one thing that doesn’t change?”

Awareness! You are aware that you are aware – you always have been, and always will be awareness itself.

All the objects that you perceive “out there” arise in and on Awareness itself.

When you actually experience this for yourself the effect is literally mind-blowing. Gradually as you question all thoughts, feelings, and sensations that arise in awareness, you realise that these are all concepts (collectively called “the ego” by most people).

Everyone is consciously or unconsciously seeking happiness, or inner peace – it’s just that we usually look for these outside ourselves and believe that happiness can be arrived at through, for example the right relationship, job, more money. Unfortunately we seem to operate from a viewpoint of lack – nothing is ever enough for us.

Often when we feel this lack strongly we will turn to distracting activities: overeating, binge watching TV, overuse of Social Media etc. We use the distractions to avoid feelings of not lack rather than allowing these feelings to just be, and dissolve without resistance or attachment.

I have “been around the block” quite a few times now, being in my later years and having had a strong interest and involvement in many aspects of so-called ‘self-improvement”, consciousness groups, spiritual teachers etc. since my mid teens. I have finally dispensed with the need for any more additions to what was becoming an endless list of techniques and so-called knowledge!

If you would like talk more about any of the above, feel free to email me: tim@livingawareness.uk