Tim has been involved in consciousness studies and the healing arts for over 30 years.

One of his main desires has been to identify the similarities between a vast variety of different healing modalities and spiritual traditions. He has managed to distil the essence of these into a concise, simple and effective series of practices and tools which can be easily adopted by anyone, whatever their background, enabling them to not only improve the quality of their lives on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, but also point them to an experience of true freedom beyond words and thought.

During a period of teaching meditation at a Further Education facility in London, he discovered Yoga Nidra which proved to be the most popular form of meditation among his students.

Yoga Nidra continues to serve as a ‘container’ for a variety of exercises designed to release stress on all levels, as well as taking the practitioner beyond mere release of stress experience of their true nature – a place of peaceful equanimity, allowing them to integrate this into their daily lives.

Along with his wife, Tim has facilitated a number of support groups over the years based mainly on Universal Principles which are found in many ancient and contemporary teachings such as those of Eckhart Tolle.